1. If I use this website, will I lose my driver’s license?
No. This website is for educational purposes only, and cannot give answers about your ability to drive safely.

2. How can I tell if I am a safe driver?
Safe driving is complex. The best way to tell if you are a safe driver is to use the input of a lot of different people. Health care providers, like doctors and nurses, can help you identify problems with your health that can impact safe driving. Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialists, people who ride with you in a car and evaluate your driving, are the most accurate way to test your ability to drive safely. Family members and friends may also notice things about your driving that may put you at risk for a crash.

3. Won’t I know when I become unsafe as a driver?
Not necessarily. Many medical problems that make people unsafe to drive also stop them from knowing they are unsafe. Dementia is one of these problems. However, some people begin to feel uncomfortable with driving and this is a good sign that they should ask others for some input.